Just a quick follow-up post about my experiment where I decide one thing each day that is the most important thing to get done that day (you can read part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t followed my blog posts).

After several weeks, I still find this simple trick immensely useful. It doesn’t work every single day, but most days, I get the thing done, that I’ve decided is most important. And for me, that is a huge achievement. As productive as I have been for years, I have still struggled to focus and keep up momentum (and not least to get things done that I either find boring, challenging, difficult or which are very time-consuming).

The interesting thing is that my success with this trick often gives me a big boost of energy which I can then use to get additional stuff done. So I end up getting a lot more done in my week than I would typically get done previously and with much more satisfaction and joy and happiness.

Some days, I’ve felt that I was struggling to do the work, I had decided to do. But that’s nothing new (far from!). So that is just a reminder that this is not a magic trick that removes all obstacles and all the inner resistance, doubt, and fear. And the good thing is that using this trick most days makes it more likely that I’ll be pull through and get the most important task done, even when I’m not motivated or not in the mood (or whatever excuses and rationalizations that my brain tries to use to get out of the discomfort that is often associated with embarking on important work).

So there is no doubt, that I’m going to offer this trick to my clients in the future. And there is also no doubt, that I’ll continue this practice myself.

Enjoying the power of my “Most Important Thing for Today” trick