Are you too ambitious? Do you stretch yourself too far? Do you spread yourself too thin on all the many, many projects you have going? Do you neglect to relax and to renew your energy? Are you feeling drained?

I see this over and over again. In the life of other people, as well as in my own.

But busy as you might be, do you ever stop to wonder if you’re working on the right things? Are you making a difference in your own life and in other people’s life? Do you work on things that bring you closer to your goals?

Because sometimes we’re keeping ourselves busy, but all our activity might not bring us closer to our goals.

So as paradoxical as it can sound, you might be too ambitious about how much you want to get done while not being ambitious enough about choosing the things that would have the greatest impact.

I for sure have fallen prey to this pattern again and again.

Are you too ambitious? Are you ambitious enough?